3. Toward Authentic, Multi-level Instruction Chapter 3 of LEARNING WELL TOGETHER: Lessons about connecting inclusive education to whole school improvement. 2002. Final report of the Whole Schooling Research Project, a qualitative study of 16 schools in Michigan and Wisconsin that focused on the interaction of inclusive education and exemplary schooling and teaching practices.

AUTHENTIC, MULTI-LEVEL TEACHING. Michael Peterson, Lynne Tamor, and Mishael Hittie, 2002. This 46 page document discusses how schools typically deal with the highly diverse abilities of students in classes and describes principles and practices for authentic multi-level teaching, instruction that supports students with dramatically differing academic abilities in learning well together. This document is based in part on research conducted in the Whole Schooling Research Project from 1998 - 2002 (See link to full report below).

MULTI-LEVEL LESSON PLAN GUIDE: Earth, Moon, and Beyond Jeni Gonzales Lesson plans developed based on guidelines in above document for class at Wayne State University.

INCLUSIVE TEACHER GUIDES. Documents developed by teacher education students at Wayne State University as part of a course on inclusive education. Seven guides ranging from elementary through high school algebra.

INCLUSIVE LITERACY LEARNING: Towards a Whole Language Partnership. Michael Peterson, Karen Feathers, and Kim Beloin. Article suggests that inclusive education and whole language have overlapping philosophies and concerns and recommend an international partnership among these two movements.