Washington Elementary School
400 Michigan Avenue
Oconto, Wisconsin 54153

Type of School: Elementaries (K-4)
Location: Oconto: located approximately 30 north of Green Bay in Northeastern Wisconsin
Rural: Also serve students from neighboring rural communities
Size: Typically 5 classes at every grade level
Student-Teacher ratios are 15-1.
Only Elementary school in Oconto
450 total students
Student Population: Majority of students are Caucasian.
Changed from a K-8 to a K-4 school in Fall, 1999
All students are fully included with the exception of several students having severe disabilities who are mainstreamed for a minimum of 50% of their day.
Principal: Nancy Burns ­ Provides strong and consistent leadership
Served Washington Elementary for approximately 4 years
Strong supporter for Inclusive Education
Teachers: A mix of new and experienced teachers in the building
Teachers either teach individually serving 15 heterogeneously grouped students or they team-teach with one other teacher -sharing a classroom and team teaching 30 students.
The majority of teachers are Caucasian

Teachers choose to team teach or teach individually knowing that all teachers will be teaching all students (with and without disabilities).
Students are involved in a leadership/service learning program in the school and community, such as an intergenerational program between the students and community members.
Principal's advisory council, which includes staff and parents, makes decisions ranging from staffing, scheduling, budgeting, and general problem solving.
Students resolve their conflicts through the peer mediation program for peaceful resolution.

98% of the students with disabilities are included in general education classes full-time.
2% of the students (those experiencing severe mental retardation or severe emotional disturbance) spend no more than 50% of their day in a separate classroom/program with a special education teacher.
There is at least one dually certified (i.e., special and general education) classroom teacher at each grade level who not only teaches a heterogeneous class of students at that grade level, but also serves as a consultant to the other grade level teachers.
Students with disabilities are proportionately assigned to each of the general education classrooms. (i.e., there is no clustering of students with disabilities in general education classrooms). All classrooms serve a heterogeneous population of 15 students.
All Title I services are delivered within the general education curriculum through the use of paraprofessionals, reducing the size of reading groups and extending the time in after school and summer programs.
Many students receive speech and language services within the general education classroom.

Extensive training has been provided to all instructional staff in how to make effective modifications and adaptations. Appropriate accommodations for students with and without disabilities as made by classroom teachers.
No specialized or different curricula are used for students with disabilities who are included. All students participate in the general education curriculum with adaptations and modifications.
The integration of Multiple Intelligences at all grade levels increases the participation and success of all learners.
Cooperative learning groups are used at all grade levels, especially at the primary grades.
Drama is a focal point of the elementary curriculum. Art and technology are also well integrated into the curriculum.
100% participation rate on state and district testing at the 3rd and 4th grade levels for the past 3 years.

Students with disabilities and others who are academically at-risk are supported by their classroom teacher given the low student-teacher ratios of 15 to 1. A grade-level classroom teacher, dually certified in general and special education, also serves as a grade-level consultant and support.
Peer supports are developed through cooperative learning, buddy programs, peer tutoring and peer mediation programs.
Daily common team planning time is provided in addition to contracted prep time.

A Family Involvement Coordinator is employed by the school and has developed a strong program of parent volunteers.
A Parent Resource Center in the school offers many parenting resources.
Positive Parenting classes are offered at the school throughout the year. Tapes of the positive parenting approaches are also broadcast on the public access channel.
The school facility is used from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm for before school and evening programs offered to the community.