Walker International Middle School
1712 S. 32nd. St.
Milwaukee, WI 53215

Type of School: Middle School (grades 6-8)
Location: Central Milwaukee: Layton Boulevard West neighborhood
Urban: All students in Milwaukee have access to Walker through a school choice selection process
Size: Approximately 747 total students
One of 25 middle schools in the district
Student Population: Most racially balanced school in Milwaukee ­ 32% African-American, 22% Caucasian, 36% Hispanic, 6% Asian, 3.5% Native American, .5% other.
All students are included in a team-taught heterogeneous University structure (i.e., similar to a house or family) with the exception of several students having severe disabilities who are mainstreamed for part of their day.
Principal: Susan Apps ­ Respected by the teachers, parents, community members, and fellow administrators.
Ms. Apps lived her entire life in the neighborhood.
Strong connections with neighborhood and city groups
Teachers: Team-teach in a University (i.e., family or house) structure with one special educator assigned to support each University.
Teachers in each University cycle through all three grades with the students teaching the 6th-8th grade curriculum.

Walker has a shared Decision-making Council in which staff are included on all decisions.
Middle school students work with elementary students in 2 neighborhood elementary schools as academic tutors and on neighborhood projects.
Students and staff develop and implement many cultural programs due to the multiculturalism present within the school and neighborhood.

The majority of students with academic, behavioral, and physical disabilities are included in heterogeneously grouped Universities. Some students with severe challenges are mainstreamed into general education courses and receive special services in a school-based program.
Title I services are provided within the general education classroom. Students are not labeled or pulled-out for services.
"Teachers and students know that special education is a service and not a place."

Students are involved in many different authentic learning opportunities, including the electronic intergenerational book club and the 7th grade archeological dig.
Math and science classes demand project-based learning and cooperative learning.
Teachers make appropriate accommodations for testing in order to include students with IEP's in district and statewide assessments and proficiency projects.

One special education teacher is assigned to each University to support all students with disabilities in that University.
Daily team meeting time is used to plan and decide on necessary supports for students.
Teachers provide consistent support to students by cycling through all three grades with the students in their University.

A full-time parent coordinator is employed by the school to serve as a coordinator and liaison between the school, families and neighborhood.
Walker has a formal partnership with Layton Boulevard. Neighbors West.
Walker International Middle School opens the school facility to the neighborhood citizens through before school and evening programs such as: Open gymnasium, community learning center, and school-community health care center.
Walker International Middle School has formal partnerships with:
*The Boys and Girls Club ­ provides evening and Saturday activities in the school facility.
* Aurora Health Care and City Health Services­ staffing for a health clinic within the school for students and community members.
* Layton Boulevard West Neighborhood Group ­ Hand delivers school newsletters each month.
Maximus provides adult computer classes in the evenings.
Journey House provides cultural classes in the school.
4-5 parents volunteer in the school everyday.