Lincoln Elementary School
1325 Theis Lane
Port Washington, WI 53074

Type of School: Elementary School (K-4)
Location: Port Washington: Located 25 miles north of Milwaukee
Size: Approximately 350 students
Typically three classes per grade level
One of three elementary schools in a city of 10,000.
Student Population: 97% Caucasian, 2% African-American, 1% Other
All students are included in a general education homeroom
Principal: John Taylor ­ Highly respected by all teachers, parents, community members, and fellow administrators. Served Lincoln Elementary for approximately 15 years
Teachers: Majority of the teachers are experienced and have taught at Lincoln Elementary for many years. Majority of the teaching staff are Caucasian.

Students help teaching staff develop the curriculum in the multi-age units.
The Explorer Group (site based management team) includes parents and staff. This group developed the school mission, vision, and goals in addition to new programs.
The wellness committee and other committees research and propose changes for ongoing school improvement.
The teachers decide on the most effective staffing arrangements.

A Multiage program is available in the primary grades.
All students with mild/moderate disabilities (i.e., deaf/hard of hearing; emotional disturbance, learning disabilities, mental retardation) are included full-time in their general education homeroom with academic and behavioral support provided through the Student Tutoring Extension Program (STEP) as needed.

All students participate in the general education curriculum with adaptations and modifications.
Through the STEP program, special education staff members are available to work with all students, not just students with disabilities.
Reading instruction is at each child's instructional level, with flexible instructional groupings that change as children progress at their rate.
Some children receive additional reading instruction through the STEP program.
Reading Recovery is also available for those who may benefit from the program.
Science and Social Studies is taught to mixed age groups.
Approximately 75% of the teachers are trained in cooperative learning and use it effectively for the benefit of all children.

STEP program staff provide flexible, yet consistent support to any student (with or without disabilities) needing assistance in any content area. Children needing help from STEP change from week to week depending upon the curriculum being taught and the student's needs.
Through the PALS program, fourth-graders serve as peer partners and work with kindergartners.

Explorer Committee (parents and school personnel) work together on the school mission, vision, goals, values, and activities.
Many parents volunteer in the classrooms on a daily basis.