Network for
Inclusive Schooling

Creating positive change towards inclusive education for All.


The Michigan Network for Inclusive Schooling was formed in February of 2001 by ten schools. We invite you to join us to form a truly statewide network for learning and leadership.Our mission is to:

1. Promote inclusive schooling and teaching in Michigan. By inclusive schooling we mean schools that include ALL children in heterogeneous classes learning together ­ students with mild to severe and multiple disabilities, gifted students, children from a wide range of racial and cultural backgrounds, and more. We commit to truly include all children together in effective learning.

2. Use Whole Schooling as a frame work so that inclusive schooling becomes part of the culture of the school and an integral part of school improvement. The Five Principles of Whole Schooling describe a culture of schooling, a framework for organizing school improvement efforts, that puts inclusive schooling and teaching at the center of all school improvement efforts.

3. Learn together by linking schools, teachers, principals, parents, and others.

We all have a long distance to go to have truly inclusive schools. To complete that journey, we need support and partnerships with one another. We commit to learning together to develop truly inclusive schools.Contact us at

SEMINARS AND TRAINING. The Network sponsors many ongoing opportunities for training, professional development, and dialogue.

ACTION PLAN. Click here for a copy of the working draft of the Action Plan for the Network for 2001 - 2002. The same information is provided below in html format.

STEERING COMMITTEE. These individuals, a mix of teachers, parents, principals, and university faculty coordinate leadership of the network. Three individuals, Co-Facilitate the Network: Jan Colliton, Associate Superintendent for Curriculum, Farmington Public Schools; Jeffrey Cohen, an involved parent; and Michael Peterson, Coordinator of the Whole Schooling Consortium and Professor at Wayne State University.

FLYER AND MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION. We invite individuals and schools to join the Michigan Network for Inclusive Schooling to work together to improve quality learning for All children. Simply download this Pdf format document and mail to the address on the form. You can also send via email at:

INCLUSIVE SCHOOLS. This document provides a list of schools in the Detroit Metropolitan area that have been observed by students in classes on Inclusive Teaching in which some reasonable efforts at including students with at least mild disabilities was observed. This list is updated each semester.

MEMBER SCHOOLS & DISTRICTS. The following schools were the founders of the Michigan Network for Inclusive Schooling. See schools for hyperlinks to their websites. We continue to invite other schools who are interested to join us in pushing ahead "towards inclusive education for all".

Ausable Primary School, Grayling.

Bagley Elementary, Detroit

Cesar Chavez Academy, Detroit.

Berkley High School, Berkley

Fairivew Early Childhood Center, Farmington.

Hillside Elementary, Farmington.

Kenbrook Elementary School, Farmington.

Monteith Elementary School, Grosse Pointe.

Pershing High School, Detroit.

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools.

William Grace Elementary. Farmington.

Wood Creek Elementary, Farmington

Wayne State University, College of Education.

A Program of the Whole Schooling Consortium