ROUGE FORUM NEWSLETTER. This newsletter is developed a published to promote democratic practices in learning and the community.

Empowering Citizens In A Democracy Chapter 2 of LEARNING WELL TOGETHER: Lessons about connecting inclusive education to whole school improvement. 2002. Section of the Final report of the Whole Schooling Research Project on democracy in schools and classrooms. This was a qualitative study of 16 schools in Michigan and Wisconsin that focused on the interaction of inclusive education and exemplary schooling and teaching practices.

WHOLE SCHOOLING: Education for a Democratic Society. Michael Peterson, Kim Beloin, and Rich Gibson. 1997. This short paper provides an introduction to Whole Schooling as a framework for building schools of excellence and equity for a truly democratic society.

KEY ELEMENTS IN BUILDING WHOLE SCHOOLS Short paper that illustrates in summary form how Whole Schooling looks in practice in a school.

THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION Rich Villa, Bayridge Consortium, California. Keynote in 1999 at The Association of Persons with Severe Handicaps (TASH) and presentation at the International Education Summit, June, 2000.

A CHILDREN'S MIRACLE NEEDED to Solve the School Crisis. Grace Lee Boggs. Presentation at the International Education Summit in June, 2000. Long time activist Grace Boggs describes a new vision of schooling that links learning to meaningful community building work.