We live in a time of growing inequities, when attacks on authentic instruction that involves students in deep thinking, choices, and expressions of democracy are growing, when we are increasingly separated by class, race, gender, ability, and other differences. This discussion forum is intended to provide a place where we can discuss and support one another in building schools that: support democracy and social justice, implement inclusive education, use engaging, authentic instruction, where emotional sustenance is more important than test scores, where schools contribute to the fabric of caring in their communities. We invite you to share, challenge one another with respect, organize, learn. TO JOIN

Send an email message to: LISTSERV@LISTS.WAYNE.EDU

Leave the "subject" line BLANK. In the "message" box put the following: subscribe WS Firstname Lastname

For Michael Peterson this would look as follows.

From: michael peterson <jmpeterson@comcast.net>


Subject: subscribe WS Michael Peterson

Once you have sent this message, you will receive a message from the computer explaining how to post messages, sign off the list, and other commands.


Following are links to sites with other Listserv's related to teaching all children.

Inclusive Teacher Education. Faculty and other interested and involved parties may subscribe to a listserv where you can dialogue with other faculty regarding inclusive teacher education - strategies, course and program design, issues, related research and service strategies. Subscribe using the same directions as above. Send an email to LISTSERV@LISTS.WAYNE.EDU, leave the subject line blank, and put the following in the message: subscribe InclTchrEduc firstname lastname.

Kidstogether. A list for people interested specifically in inclusive education.