Key Resources for Inclusive Teaching

Comprehensive Inclusive Education Sites

Inclusion Press A site filled with resources, publications, videos, and other information related to inclusion and social justice.

Family Villages Inclusive Education Resources Site. A wonderful site with many resources related to families. These links are related to inclusive education.

TASH - Disability Advocacy Worldwide Site of The Association of Persons with Severe Handicaps, an organization dedicated to achieving equity, diversity, social justice, and inclusion. for persons with severe disabilities.

Network for Inclusive Schooling The people who organized National Inclusive Schools week are forming an international network. You and your school can join.

Inclusion Solutions This site in the UK is packed with great resources for dealing with difficult situations in including students with differences. Photos illustrate practices.

National Center for Culturally Responsive Educational Systems (NCCREST) works with schools to develop culturally responsive educational practices. Great information and resources.

The Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence (CREDE) is a federally funded research and development program focused on improving the education of students whose ability to reach their potential is challenged by language or cultural barriers, race, geographic location, or poverty.”

The National Institute for Urban Inclusive Education works with urban schools to encourage and facilitate inclusive schooling. Many excellent materials on this site.

GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, is the leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe schools for all students.

The PEAK Parent Center provides resources to equip families of children with disabilities to advocate successfully for their children to help them live rich, active lives as full members of their schools and communities.

Responsive Classrooms A site with many resources related to building community and addressing social and emotional needs of children. Very practical resources and materials.

Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice A center that works to help communities create schools that promote emotional well-being, effective instruction and safe learning. Site has many resources that focus on use of teams, collaboration, community building, and positive behavioral support in assisting children and youth with emotional and behavioral challenges.

The Center for Applied Special Technology develops innovative resources and strategies for educators based on the principles of universal design for learning. This site has a wealth of materials.

The Access Center is a program funded by the U.S. Department of Education whose mission is to provide technical assistance that strengthens State and local capacity to help students with disabilities effectively learn in the general education curriculum. Their website is filled with useful resources related to universal design for learning, multilevel learning and differentiated instruction.

Edutopia Initiative of the George Lukas Foundation that provides information and much quality video regarding innovative teaching techniques including inquiry and problem-based learning.

Inclusion Press is a small press devoted to books and videos that promote inclusive schooling and communities. You’ll find many practical resources here.

Whole Schooling Consortium. School renewal network in which inclusive education is a central component. Site has many publications, links, descriptions of project activities.

State Inclusive Education Programs

Connecticut Coalition for Inclusive Education Web Page for this non-profit organization with the belief "that all students, regardless of the severity of the disability, should be provided with the staff, space, equipment, and assistive technology needed for an individualized and appropriate education in regular age-appropriate classes.

Florida Inclusion Network State program for human resource development, consultation, and information retrieval and dissemination to support all students to live, learn, work, and play in their communities.

Project CHOICES. Inclusive education project in Illinois.

Circle of inclusion. A great project in Kansas working to provide inclusion in early childhood for children with severe disabilities.

Supported Education Team in Oregon.

Kids Together, Pennsylvania.

West Tennessee RISE Project Web page for collaboration between University of Memphis and schools of West Tennessee for Restructuring for Inclusive School Environments Project (RISE).

International Inclusive Education

Enabling Education Network. Site with links to inclusive education information throughout the world.

Welcoming Schools - an initiative on inclusive education by UNESCO, a agency of the United Nations. This is part of their overall initiative Education for All. Here also are UNESCO's Guidelines for Inclusion: Ensuring Access to Education for All (pdf document).

School and Classroom Practices in Inclusive Education in Australia. A comprehensive document. Here information on Inclusive education in Queensland, Australia.

Inclusion UK. This page will link to four organizations that support inclusive education in the United Kingdom. Alliance for Inclusive Education London based organization of disabled people, parents of disabled children and their allies, campaigning for an end to compulsory segregation in the educational system. Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education -- (CSIE) is an information link for anyone interested in "inclusion" in Great Britain.

This article describes movements towards inclusive education in Brazil. In 2001 the first Congress on Inclusive Education was held in South America.

Here you can read about efforts in India to respond to students with disabilities and here about the journey in that country towards inclusive education.

In the same general part of the world, here's a document which describes inclusive education as the wave of the future in Pakistan with practices, policy issues, and a pilot project. A pdf document.

Inclusion in Viet Nam: More Than a Decade of Implementation. A good article by Rich Villa and colleagues.

Inclusion Europe. Site of the European Association of Societies of Persons with Intellectual Disability and Their Families.