CHAPTER SEVEN Develop an Inclusive School and Classroom


The internet provides a valuable source to explore issues related to segregation and inclusion, people with disabilities in school and society, and inclusive teaching. Following are some sites in which you might be interested and find valuable.

Back Pack

Classroom Architect. A great site where you can design a layout for your classroom.

Emint National Center from the University of Missouri has many resources for classroom design.

Boundless Playgrounds A great site for accessible, inclusive playgrounds.

National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities. A comprehensive resource for planning the physical environment of schools and classrooms.

Universal design

National Consortium on Universal Design in Learning. The National Consortium is a virtual community of educators who are interested in learning about Universal Design for Learning and are willing to share ideas and practices that benefit all students, especially those with disabilities.

IDEA Center This site is dedicated to improving the design of environments and products by making them more useable, safer, and appealing to people with a wide range of abilities. Includes links to different programs that support this effort, publications, and special interest sites.

Center for Understanding the Built Environment CUBE brings together educators with community partners to effect change which will lead to a quality built and natural environment, one and interdependent. Includes links to their newsletter, workshops, general information, catalogue, and scrapbook.

Inclusive playgrounds

Boundless Playgrounds. An organization dedicated to designing playgr ounds that can be accessed by all children.

Inclusive classroom organization and design

Classroom Spaces That Work. Short book written by a teacher with over thirty years of experience, this comprehensive guide is for new and experienced teachers alike, grades K-6 to create a physical environment that is organized, welcoming, and well suited to the needs of students and teachers, an environment that is conducive to learning and makes your best teaching possible.

The Center for Applied Special Technology - CAST CAST uses technology to expand opportunities for all people, including those with disabilities. Click on the "site map" to access dozens of links to CAST, Universal Design, National Center on Accessing the General Curriculum and more.

Learning styles and classroom organization

Learning Styles Community. Site of the Center for the Study of Learning and Teaching Styles at Johns Hopkins University.


Artwork reprinted by permission of
Martha Perske from PERSKE:
Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1998.